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Take you shoes off and get comfy. Your startup journey is about to start. Here we have a huge collection of products your startup truly needs.

Doesn't matter you're a CEO, investor, software engineer, project manager, or a designer. Flamingo has a little something for everyone working in the startup field.

Let's get you some awesome Startup Swag!

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Who Is This For?

  • Founders

    It's hard to be a founder these days. Feels like you pitch every other moment. But what if your clothing did that for you?

  • Startup Enthusiasts

    Running an organisation? Creating a startup event? Maybe some epic products could help you shape it better.

  • Startup Companies & Scaleups

    Want to get some swag for employees? Or decorate your office? Check our products and get more startup vibes.

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Startup Life Is Colourful

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Are You Excited?

We certainly are!

Whether you are searching for swag for your startup team, organising a tech event, or just want to look awesome, we are excited to be your reliable partners.

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Flamingo is the Amigo we all deserve.

He is a charismatic, friendly, and adventurous creature that is ready to help you in any occasion.

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